Our mission? To transform shopping & saving

Consumers love trying new things and saving money. But the world of saving is cluttered and impersonal –from coupons to daily deals to mobile wallet technology — deals lack relevancy and redemption takes a lot of work for both consumers and merchants.

edo provides an easy way to personalize offers and make them automatically available through credit or debit cards and mobile devices. Simply put, edo is the simplest way to connect advertising with in-store results. Through our card-linked offer platform, edō brings unmatched insight and clarity into consumer spending behavior. This helps marketers, merchants and banks increase loyalty and target new customers with instantly redeemable offers tailored to individual shopping habits.

Our Story

edo is co-headquartered in Nashville and Chicago with additional offices in New York and Atlanta.  We’re a venture-backed startup at the intersection of payments & advertising.   

We are all about making shopping and saving simple

We believe that ‘simple’ will separate the winners from losers. 

There are an overwhelming number of social, local and mobile advertising solutions on the market, most of which lack scale, come with unproven ROI and leave marketers and merchants struggling to bring profitable customers in the door and get them coming back.

We believe that if merchants are looking for innovative ways to engage shoppers, they should focus on making it simple rather than “fun.”

Anything that adds work on the consumer side – from scanning QR codes, to printing coupons – sounds good on paper, but today’s deal-driven consumer quickly tires of novelty, especially when it requires a lot of effort.

edo is at the forefront of digital convergence

The intersection of ‘payments & advertising’ rides a number of marketplace trends including the convergence of digital, personalization and mobile.  As mobile, online and in-store converge, edo is positioned extremely well to help marketers and merchants meet their business needs.

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