Consumers are getting really good at ignoring mass media. For local merchants not standing out is the same as being invisible.

Local merchants have two choices:

  1. Be invisible and safe, sticking with the status quo
  2. Innovate and differentiate their product and services

Up until now, local merchants have been resigned to a ‘spray and pray’ mentality of customer acquisition.  We recently announced a shake-up of this status quo, giving local merchants the same tools & insight usually reserved for larger companies.  There are an overwhelming number of social, local and mobile advertising solutions on the market, most of which lack scale, come with unproven ROI and leave many local merchants struggling to bring profitable customers in the door & coming back.

As mobile, online & in-store collide hyper local marketing choices become cloudier.  The infographic below is intended to begin a dialogue around a shift that we see where commerce will be the true measure of success at the local level – not clicks, check-ins or likes.

What is Better than Groupon and Google?


Jeff Fagel, Former VP Marketing

Jeff Fagel was formerly edo Vice President, Marketing and Brand Development.

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