As firms like Group Commerce pull out of the local market, others like Edo are moving in the opposite direction. The company, which syndicates card-linked offers to financial institutions like Ally Bank andFifth Third, has hooked up with local reseller 2Go Media to open its network to local merchants through a simplified version of its enterprise platform.

Through the platform, merchants can target offers to consumers based on location and spending history, see potential return, and then track redemption seamlessly through the credit card transaction. Edo’s network reaches more than 15 million consumers, all of whom signed up for a branded rewards program with their respective banks.

“We’re realistic that were not going to be able to scale at the local level unless we can [build] developer partnerships that can help us [achieve] relationships with local merchants at scale,” Jeff Fagel, VP of marketing and brand development at Edo, told Street Fight. “Our success is going to be tied to partnering with the right groups who have the right relationships — whether it’s mobile platforms or merchant acquirers that have these connections and reach across the country.”

In addition to the channel sales efforts, the company has built a small direct sales force and a larger client services team to provide support for both the channel partners and SMBs directly. Fagel says his company is targeting, among others, legacy-marketing services in the direct mail or coupon business that may lack a digital solution.

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