There are a lot of mobile applications out there that not only give the consumer an alternative way to pay like your cell phone, but also a rewards program for paying with their services. LevelUp and Google Wallet do this, giving you special offers on stores near you if you use their application, but that means using your cell phone as your wallet, which some consumers might not be able to do. A relatively new contender in the local coupon market is edo Interactive, which uses the credit and debit card most consumers already have in their wallet.

Their selling point is ease of use. Unlike Groupon, paper coupons, LevelUp, or Google Wallet, theres no presenting anything extra to the cashier. Customers use their debit card, the merchants existing credit card terminal recognizes if it’s enrolled in edo’s system, and the savings are automatically deposited into the customer’s checking/ savings account. Customers enroll by downloading edo’s application, and the application lists the stores that participate. And better yet, some banks pre-enroll their customers already. This does away with the need to clip coupons, check in with programs like FourSquare, or present a QR code like LevelUp. Although mobile payments are on the rise, they’re nowhere near the use of regular debit and credit cards so edo’s program shows a lot of potential.

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