Edo has raised $15 million in third round funding to brings its local-offers technology to small businesses across the country.

Edo delivers card-linked offers targeted to spenders through credit cards, debit cards, and mobile devices. Unlike many of its competitors, Edo doesn’t require a check-in, or any point-of-sale hardware. Instead, it links to your bank card and then tracks your spending behavior so it knows which offers to send you. Edo directly competes with Cartera and Cardlytics, loyalty companies which are in the race to partner with the nation’s leading banks.

Solutions like these allow retailers to stay competitive. For instance, if you frequently buy sandwiches at Subway (one of Edo’s merchants), you might be offered a free coffee with your next ham and cheese at Quiznos. Edo is currently partnered with 120 banks and more than 200 local and national merchants, including Target, Crate & Barrel, and The Home Depot.


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