As Finovate 2012 kicked off this week in San Francisco, one of its past presenters, Bankons, was scooped up by CapitalOne. Bankons offers its users merchant-funded discounts based on their spending history, and now it is part of CapitalOne’s Digital Innovation Lab. Clearly many see great promise in this leveraging of consumer data to help retailers compete with online giants like Amazon. Finovate 2012 has two more companies banking on the same — will this work?

Early on Tuesday at Finovate, Affinity Solutions announced the launch of a rewards program called “coupon-on-a-card,” which allows consumers to “either pre-purchase or opt-in to a retailer offer and then receive the discount at the point of sale through the credit card swipe…in real-time.” So it’s not a geolocation-based offer, but similar principals are at work. Affinity is attempting to make brick-and-mortar shopping more appealing to an audience that is getting accustomed to shopping online.

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