So you want to save money but you like trying new things. What if I told you there was a way to have it both ways. Would it be crazy that you could be alerted about deals and savings in real-time based on your location, and that the offered discount would be immediately credited to your banking account after purchase? No paper. No printing. No check-in. Let me introduce you to, Edo.

Edo is “card-based offer network” that provides instant rebates and deals to consumers with credit and debit cards. Described as a “geocommerce“ Edo works by providing the consumer with offers and deals from merchants tied to a certain location.Imagine purchasing dinner at your favorite restaurant but being alerted about a $2 dollar discount for a $5 dessert at a bistro nearby. As you swipe your card to purchase the dessert, $2 is automatically deposited into your account. And when I say immediately, I mean immediately. Forget waiting 3-4 business days to see the rewards posted to your account, Edo allows you instant savings and instant rewards in real-time after your purchase.

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