We help small business owners easily target and acquire new customers. For consumers, we provide a simple way to save. Here’s how it works for local merchants and why we’re not only different, but better.

edo helps small business owners with three simple things:


Better for Small Business

local swipe

Pay for Performance Deliver instantly redeemable offers tailored to customers’ shopping habits. Through our bank & credit card partners we can easily drive the RIGHT traffic.

Since we only get paid when we drive profitable sales, there is no risk to you

With a few clicks we help you estimate the number of customers and projected sales.

Unlike local coupons or daily deals, we can show real-time how many new or existing customers have redeemed your offer, how much they spent, and even how many times they have come back after their first visit. See our cost comparison vs. Groupon

Simple for Merchants

no training
No staff training.

No iPads, point-of-sale integration or software upgrades needed

No coupons, or vouchers that slow down service.

Simple for Consumers


  • Save time; consumers use their existing credit or debit card
  • Explore New Stores & Restaurants
  • Personal offers are targeted & relevant offers based on your spending behavior


Swipe your card & within seconds receive credit & communication through email or text message

Watch as the savings add up